Sencus offers businesses the ability to personalise and socialise and engage with the guest WiFi experience. Our solutions allow you to determine who your customers are, and how, when, and where they access the internet.

So How Does It Work?

Upon connection your guests are met with a bespoke landing page, specific to your business, branding and products.

Unlike traditional hotspots, Sencus encourages users to log into the service through social media as opposed to email and password. In return your customers get instant and secure Internet browsing, accessed on their terms. No fuss. No stress.

It really is that simple.


Is It Secure?

You are fully protected too. Our service is fully compliant with European legislation on Lawful Intercept to ensure you are not liable should illegal activity be carried out via the Internet connection you are providing.

Exclusive & 100% Secure.


What are the benefits?

Your customers are not the only ones benefiting from our services.
Through our detailed analytics your business now has the ability to gather demographic information from your guests giving you the ability to engage in smart marketing campaigns that are both relevant and specific.

As you are marketing through social media you are engaging directly to the guest but also indirectly to the guest’s friends and contacts.

As the solution matures, your guest data grows allowing for accurate, powerful marketing, building an easily accessible customer list that belongs to you and reflects your business.

Get connected, it makes Sencus.

Want To Know More?

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